GNB Allies Awards Nearly $17K in Mini-Grants

NEW BEDFORD — Barbara Acksen, chair of the Greater New Bedford Allies for Health and Wellness, is pleased to announce that GNB Allies has awarded nearly $17,000 in mini-grants to mark the group’s 25th Anniversary.

The grants, which range in size from $1,000 to $2000, are intended to fund worthwhile programs in the Greater New Bedford region that will contribute to improved health outcomes for residents of the region.

“We were looking to complement the great work being done by agencies and organizations here in the Greater New Bedford area,” Dr. Acksen said. “Over our 25-year history, our coalition has thrived on collaboration, networking and mutual support. Our membership thought that reviving our grant program was an appropriate way to mark our twenty-five years, while also championing groups who may have not had any other way to fund these projects.”

Among the organizations who were awarded grants included Elevate Summit ($2,000), New Bedford Community Connections Coalition ($2,000), A’s B4 ($1,560), Good Shepherd’s Food Pantry ($2,000), Greater New Bedford Community Health Center’s Diabetic Education Group ($2,000), Greater New Bedford Community Health Center’s Pediatric Kits Program ($1,992),  New Bedford WIC’s Spanish Postpartum Support Group ($1,000), South Coast LGBTQ Network’s Wellness and Self Care Program ($1,730), Mass in Motion’s Summer Food Program ($1,620) and YWCA’s Breast Health Program ($1,000).

GNB Allies for Health and Wellness is a 501c3 non-profit organization comprised of health care professionals, prevention experts, and social service agencies.  Officially organized as Community Health Network Area (CHNA) 26, GNB Allies receives funding through the Department of Public Health’s Determination of Need program, by which health care institutions dedicate a percentage of funds spent on capital improvements back into the community.

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